Soup Maker Recipe: Creamy Tomato and Basil Soup

Thanks to our soup maker, we were able to make creamy tomato and basil soup in no time.

If you haven’t got the memo yet then I should probably tell you now. Soup makers are making their way into almost every household. At this moment in time when we’re just halfway through, we probably need the comfort of a delicious hot soup.

If you haven’t got one yet then there are many different ones to look at. I think that the Morphy Richards machine is great but you need to be sure by checking out the reviews of different products. One way you can find the best soup maker is by checking out this page.

The Morphy Richards one surprised me a little because I didn’t expect it to make soup that efficiently. But in reality, it really exceeded my expectations especially due to how thick it was. It tasted great, felt like a soup and was super easy to cook. Since then, I’ve been trying to try out different recipes and vary the taste and basically try out new things since I’ve got a bit of spare time these days.

The particular recipe is based on tomatoes because I know that people love canned tomato soup. The only way better this would be to make fresh and healthy homemade soup quickly and efficiently. The recipe is extremely simple and the Morphy Richards machine or any similar machine will allow you to simply put the ingredients in and the machine will take care of the rest.

Depending how many people you wish to cook for, you can use 5 or 6 fresh tomatoes. You’ll have to peel these and dice them before cooking. You’ll also need some basil leaves – after all this is tomato and basil flavoured. In addition to these ingredients, you’ll also need a few cups of tomato juice along with a tiny bit of butter and a bit of whipped cream! All you’ll have to do is put these ingredients into the machine and when every thing is cooked, you’ll have to melt the butter and keep stirring until this has been infused with the rest of the soup.

As you can probably guess, this is a very simple recipe but one that will be very satisfying in taste and filling. The amount of ingredients described above should be plenty to make enough for a family of 5 or 6 people and you can adjust this according to the number of people you’ll be serving. However, I don’t usually place too much emphasis on following a recipe to perfection. They say cooking is an art so I tend to experiment around with different ingredients and their quantities.

If done correctly, a high quality soup maker should be able to finish cooking within half an hour. There won’t be any stirring or manual checking but just waiting for that half hour to be over. You can then pour the soup directly from the machine into the bowl followed by a few minutes to let everything cool.

This isn’t the only recipe that I’ve tried and to be honest it’s not even much of a recipe – it’s just a basic meal that you can make very easily but it does taste great and will fill you. The good thing about using these types of machines to make soup is that they are usually multifunctional. They can often be used to make smoothies, juices and even sauces, and this is what pleased me about the Morphy Richards model.

This Morphy Richards soup making machine is easy to use and makes delicious soup in a matter of minutes.

Written By John

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