John’s Coffee

Alongside writing for this blog, I have also started my own company, John’s Coffee.

As part of my degree, I lived in the Netherlands for six months and fell in love with their coffee and cafe (not coffee house!) culture. There’s something about the rich aroma and intense taste of coffee that has always fascinated me.

It was during my final year that the tax scandal with Starbucks exploded into the press, this highlighted to me that there is a real need for a coffee company that not only provides a better quality of coffee, but also has integrity and honesty.

John’s Coffee was therefore started with the idea of making sure that people can enjoy coffee in the best possible way.

Not only are we committed to being responsible in sourcing our coffee, we are also currently being audited as a whole company so that we can implement and develop new, ethical working practices in the areas of environment, HR, tax and sourcing. From this, we will gain an independently assessed ethical accreditation.

Please contact me if you want to know more about the John’s Coffee brand.